Refrigerant Dryers

Most CEA customers have pneumatic tools and equipment inside a climate-controlled building; this is where refrigerant dryers shine.

These units consume minimal energy and almost no air, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Air is dried to a pressure dew point of ~4°C, providing a system that’s ideal for indoor applications.

CEA offers CRN-approved refrigerant dryers from 10 to 5,000 CFM.
Refrigerant Dryer
Regenerative Desiccant Dryers (Twin Towers)

Regenerative Desiccant Dryers (Twin Towers)

Commonly used outdoors and where ambient temperatures reach well below freezing, the dryer’s familiar ‘twin towers’ are filled with desiccant beads (i.e. activated alumina). As compressed air passes through the highly porous spheres, they draw in and retain any moisture.

Drying cold outdoor air to pressure dew points of -40 to -100°C will prevent freezing and keep your tools and equipment running longer.

CEA offers regenerative dryers from 10 to 6000 CFM (with available CRN).

Deliquescent Dryers
(Single Tower)

“Deli dryers” are often used as a pressure dew point depressant in the sandblasting industry. These devices can lower the output pressure dew point by approximately 30°C compared to the inlet temperature.

These systems consume very little air and will operate indefinitely with regular topping up of the deliquescent bed.

CEA offers units that handle airflow up to 16,000 CFM.
Deliquescent Dryers (Single Tower)
Membrane Dryers

Membrane Dryers

These are great for smaller ‘point-of-use’ drying applications. They require no energy source and can be installed almost anywhere indoors. Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology, membrane dryers are compact, lightweight, and have no moving parts.

CEA offers 40 CFM units at 0°C pressure dew point, and 10 CFM at -40°C.

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