Parker Water Separators

Water Separators

These units remove large quantities of water from compressed air and gas. The filter-less design spins incoming air, creating a centrifugal action that forces water against the separator walls, which drains the bottom of the housing.

CEA offers water separators from 20 CFM to a whopping 15,000 CFM; perfect for your 3,500 HP air compressor!

Particulate Filters

There are particulates in your air supply; filter them out! These filters are commonly installed upstream of coalescing filters (to pre-scrub the air), and downstream of desiccant dryers (to remove desiccant powder).

Particulate filters range from 20 to 3,200 CFM, with micron ratings between 1 and 3u.
Particulate Filters Parker
Coalescing Filters for Dessicant Dryers Parker

Coalescing Filters

Designed to efficiently separate oils, liquids, vapours, and soluble particles from compressed air, coalescing filters are a ‘must have’ for contaminant-sensitive applications and in front of any desiccant dryer.

With a micron rating as low as 0.01u and a maximum oil carryover of 0.003 ppm, not much gets by these filters. CEA specifies units from 20 to 3,200 CFM, in grades 4 through 10.

Absorber Filters
(Activated Carbon)

Using activated carbon filter media, absorber filters efficiently eliminate hydrocarbon vapours from compressed air. This process removes the odour and taste of compressor lubricants from the air and ensures the air is clean and safe for applications like breathing air systems or food and beverage packaging.

With flow capacities ranging from 20 to 3,200 CFM, CEA provides high-quality absorbers that deliver these benefits.
Parker Absorber Filters (Activated Carbon)
ASME/CRN Vessel Filters

ASME/CRN Vessel Filters

These large filters are available in four types: water separator, particulate filter, coalescing filter, or absorber. Starting at 1,500 CFM, they can handle flows up to 17,700 CFM. Cleanliness levels are virtually limitless at these high capacities.

Specialty Filters

CEA provides a wide range of filter products for applications beyond typical pneumatic systems. Our filter housings are made of materials such as PTFE, stainless steel, aluminum, acetal plastic, and glass-filled nylon, which are compatible with any chemical application. These units can handle high pressures of up to 5,000 psi.

We also provide microfiltration, which is commonly used in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food/beverage.
Specialty Filters Parker

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