Topring Piping Systems

CEA is pleased to represent the world's most advanced compressed air system​. Issues with corrosion, pressure loss, leaking, and maintenance are a thing of the past. Topring’s aluminum systems not only look great, they’re lightweight, quick to install (no threading or welding), and are easy to modify.
Topring Compressed Air Piping Systems

Why is Aluminum the Ideal Choice?

Topring Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium alloy for pipe durability and constant airflow.
Topring Minimal Pressure Loss

Minimal Pressure Loss

Smooth inner surface allows air to circulate freely without turbulence.
Topring Quick Installation

Quick Installation

Lightweight pipes resulting in a 4X faster installation than steel.
Topring Optimal Leaktight

Optimal Leaktight

Design and unique assembly method ensuring a zero-leak system.

Black/Galvanized Steel Pipe

Steel is the most common ‘go-to’ product for pneumatic piping systems. The team at CEA has the equipment and expertise to cut, thread, and install black/galvanized pipe up to 3” in diameter.

We also understand that steel piping is difficult to modify once in place; contact CEA to get the job done!
Black/Galvanized Steel Pipe

Your ‘one-stop shop’ for air compression, distribution, and usage.